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Unique Wedding Gifts

Being a part of so many weddings, we get to hear it all - the pros and cons of wedding planning, the story of how the couple met, the story of their engagement, the drama, even right down to where they found a good deal on the mix for their party. What we also get to hear about is everything after their wedding and the generous and unique gifts that they received.

Many couples create a registry or ask for cash for their wedding gifts and this is is absolutely an option you can go with. But what about those people who want to give something a little more personable and focus more on the new beginning for the bride and groom? I am certainly one of those people so here are some unique wedding gift ideas that I’ve heard of and loved.

Honeymoon Photo Shoot

Let’s start with the inspiration for this blog post. I reached out to one of our former brides, Kelsey, about a photoshoot that she shared on Instagram. Through our conversation, she told me if was a wedding gift from one of her guests. It was booked through a company called Flytographer which has photographers around the world to capture your travels. Whoever came up with this idea, is seriously a genius! They make it so easy to arrange, no matter where they may be travelling to. COVID certainly will make things a little more difficult for the time being, but hey, we’ll plant the seed for a later time anyways. Nobody will ever regret having photographed memories from such a special moment in their lives and this is seriously one of my personal favorites. This one would easily be a favorite for a couple who loves to travel the world.

Couple: Kelsey & Keith | Photographer: Flytography

Hotel Room Upgrade

We all know how expensive weddings are and there is a chance the couple didn’t want to splurge on the fancy room upgrade. Why not give them that extra little luxury by calling the hotel and upgrading their room for them! Nobody would ever say no to an upgrade.

Milestone Wine

If the couple you’re buying for loves wine, make custom labels and put it on to a variety of different wines with a unique milestone for their first year of marriage. You can do a printed label with the details of their wedding, or wine tags to hang around the bottle. A nice little touch for some milestones would be leaving a blank spot for the date to be added in case they wanted to keep them. Here are some ideas: The First Snow Fall, The First Thunderstorm, Just Because, First Christmas, First night as Husband and Wife, First Fight, First Anniversary, First House, First Dinner Party First Camping Trip, etc. You can truly personalize it to the couple however you want.

Adventure Challenge Book

This book is hands down, one of the best date night ideas ever. Essentially, there are 50 dates that are hidden under an area in a book that you scratch off like a scratch ticket. Once it’s scratched off, you have to do it! The book lets you know details such as approximate cost, how long it may take, whether it’s outside or inside, whether you’ll need a babysitter or not, etc. There is a spot for the couple to write a few ideas or memories and stick a photo beside the date! They have an option to just purchase the book or to include the polaroid camera with it, but it comes at a much higher price point with the camera included.

The Adventure Challenge

Bar Tab

If your bride & groom are getting married at a venue where they didn’t supply their own alcohol, we can almost guarantee you that the drinks on average cost about $7. If they are having an host bar or a toonie bar, they truly want you to have a good time at their wedding, but keep in mind that they are paying the other remaining amount for each drink you order. We’ve heard of wedding guests putting a larger amount of money towards the bar tab at some venues so that when the bride and groom go to pay the remainder the next day, they have a nice gift waiting for them to be deducted from their bar tab! We’d recommend reaching out to the venue in advance to ask the best way to go about paying for part of the bar tab and making sure the bride and groom know who it came from.

Book of Memories

While at a beautiful wedding in Jasper, my bride Ashley showed me an incredible gift she received just before their ceremony - it was a book of memories with a letter from each important person in her life. The book was a scrapbook design that had one page designated to each family member or friend with an envelope. Each person wrote Ashley a letter and inserted it into their envelope. A very unique and special pre-ceremony gift. But pro-tip - give the bride the gift BEFORE she gets her makeup done, okay? Okay! Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Beauty Professionals ;)

Photo: Peighton Astra

Dinner & Movie

With all the stress and planning that comes with a wedding, why not give the gift of a date night for the new couple such as a gift card for their favorite restaurant and the movies. Sometimes people just simply forget to take time for themselves. This gift isn’t just something that I like to give for weddings, but also something I like to give when they are expecting their new baby. It’s a simple way to remind them to just take a night off to be with each other.

Have some other unique wedding gift ideas? Want to share your experience about the above suggestions? We’d love to hear about it all! Send us your ideas to


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