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Get Your Best Skin For Your Wedding

Taking good care of your skin before your wedding day is very important! Along with drinking tons of water, eating healthy food and exercising, scheduling yourself in for regular facials is a great way to ensure your skin is looking its best for your wedding. Keep scrolling to read about a few different types of facials that your skin will seriously thank you for!

Traditional Relaxation Facial Wedding planning can be stressful - take a day off and treat yourself to a relaxing facial at your local spa. Not only is this a great way to deep clean and treat the skin, it also gives you the opportunity to learn about new products that were used during your facial. Traditional facials usually involve cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extractions, mask and skin products.

Hydrafacial Uses a vacuum technique to detoxify, exfoliate, extract and hydrate all in one facial. This type of facial is perfect to remove dead skin and suck up all the gunk from over the years to reveal fresh, glowing skin. PS. They show you all the dirt/blackheads/dead skin buildup that was removed at the end of your treatment and it is VERY eye opening to say the least.

Laser Facial While more on the pricey side, a laser treatment facial is a great way to perfect you skin’s texture and complexion for the big day. Laser treatments including Fraxxel, Sublative, IPL and Skin Tightening treatments are all different options depending on what your skin goals are. Like chemical peels, laser treatments generally require multiple treatments so make sure to give yourself lots of time before your wedding to ensure there is no redness or reaction.

Chemical Peel Such an amazing way to tighten pores, even complexion and correct any unwanted skin pigmentation. Leading up to your day, you’ll want to do a series of 3 or 4 spaced about one month apart, So make sure your starting your peels at least 5 months before your wedding. What to expect when getting a chemical peel: your face will be cleansed and your esthetician will do a skin analysis to determine which type of peel will be used. Once you and your technician have reached a decision, the solution will be applied to your face using a cotton pad or fan brush. Immediately you should notice some slight tingling and spiciness on your skin (this usually lasts for a couple minutes, sometimes less). Another layer will be applied to the skin and depending on how your skin is reacting a third layer may be added. Once the tingling sensation subsides, your technician will simply apply a sunscreen and you’re done! A chemical peel generally takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes. What to expect after: Skin usually feels quite tight and shiny the day of a chemical peel. Days 2-4 you’ll start to notice some dry flaking skin and peeling usually starting around the nose and mouth. By day 7-10 your skin should be done peeling and the young, new skin should be revealed!


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