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"I Don't Need to Book Hair & Makeup Right Now. My Wedding is Over a Year Away... "


When you get engaged, you instantly start thinking about getting your theme, colors chosen, invite list made, your dream dress, booking your photographer and start collecting decor as you go. But one thing that is sometimes left on the back burner is booking your hair and makeup. So when is a good time to book? We get A LOT of inquiries last minute for weddings and there is nothing I hate more than disappointing brides when we don't have availability for their date. It's easy to get wrapped up in the whole "I'll do it later", or "It's not a priority right now" but you're probably going to wish it was a priority when you aren't able to get in with the stylists or artists that you're wanting. The truth is, my artists and stylists at Bliss & Glow Artistry are booking upwards of TWO YEARS in advance! This does not mean that you must book us two years ahead of time, but the longer you wait, the more there is a chance for disappointment. And, well, we just simply don't like disappointing anyone!

Another dilemma is "Who do I book with?" Well, we know that weddings are expensive and sometimes price can play a part in your decision and you want to take the time to weigh your options. But just take a moment to consider how much you're spending on your photographer, your dress, your jewelry - do you really want to cheap out on hair and makeup? You can have an amazing photographer that can take amazing photos, but if the hair and makeup is not what you want, it can easily ruin your almost perfect photo. I know I just talked about money and not cheaping out, but you also don't necessarily need to pay an arm and a leg either. If you're paying upwards of $250 for hair just for yourself, be absolutely sure that you are getting your moneys worth. On the other end, if you're paying $50 for a bridal updo, chances are, you are going to get what you pay for - but who knows, it also could be just as good as that $250 bridal style! Basically what I'm saying is, always do your research!

The last thing I want to touch on before giving you some tips, is booking a trial. Some people like to book multiple trials with multiple different companies to figure out who did it best. But let me tell you a bit of a secret that I've observed over the years - Each time you go to a new stylist, you are starting over. You're starting over with your vision, but you're also starting over with a whole new look. More often than not, the bride completely changes the look they are going for with each individual stylist because they actually don't know what they want! So how are you to know whether that stylist is TRUELY the best fit for you or if you just ended up liking a certain style (not the overall quality of the work)? Well, I've got some insight on this question below.

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Here are some tips on choosing the right Hair and Makeup Company for your wedding:

1. Consider the licensing or certifications that the artists or stylists have. Does the company only hire certified and licensed people?

If the answer is yes, expect to pay more for the quality of the service and education that they have. If the answer is no, well you may save a few bucks and it could go well, but it also could go really wrong. BUT don't be fooled - just because they charge a lot does not necessarily mean they are licensed or certified. You're probably thinking, how will I know if they are licensed? It's simple, don't be scared to ask! They should have a journeyman card in their wallet handy or a photo of their certificate saved somewhere for times like these. Licensed professionals have gone above and beyond to get the proper education, training and exams that they need to do what they do. This is what you're paying the extra money for. And not to mention the sanitary practices that licensed or certified professionals learn to be sure not to have any oopsie infections on the day of your wedding! Nobody wants a red leaky eye or burnt hair on their wedding day!

2. Does the company talk to you about your vision? Or are they just sending you a price list?

Like all industry's, some people are are more focused on the $$$ rather than being passionate about the services they are giving you. You'll know this right away if they just jump to giving you their prices and demanding a deposit. When I respond to your inquiries, I will never send you a quote right away. I ask questions to get a feel for what you're needing, to find the right artists or stylists for your vision, make recommendations based off of your theme, your hair length and density and even the dress that you've chosen. I also take the time to make sure that we are going to be a fit for you. I get it - no company is going to be the perfect fit for everyone. So maybe we aren't the one for you, and that is totally fine as long as you have found what you're looking for. But I do want to still take the time to thank you for contacting us and giving us a chance. It means the world to us that you reached out and we wish you the happiest life with your partner.

Send us an email! We'd love to hear about your vision!

3. Stick to one stylist/artist.

Perhaps you had a trial that you weren't in love with or you didn't feel like yourself. Your first instinct is to find someone new. But as I said earlier - you're now starting over. I recommend you to work with your stylist to create what you're looking for. Your stylist knows what you liked or didn't like from your first trial, so they are much better able to tweak the things you didn't like. If you decide to go elsewhere, you're having to pay full price and who knows, you may end up hating that too! However, if your stylist isn't willing to work with you, then yes, find a new stylist asap.

4. Look at portfolios.

I know, I know, this one is the obvious one. But seriously - look at individual artists or stylists portfolios. One company may be more "established" than another, but are you looking at someone else's work that you absolutely love? Meet with them in person and if you believe they will be reliable for your wedding, book them! Just because one company is more established than another doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to give you your bridal vision. Would you go to a salon that specializes in doing root touch ups and highlights if you want unicorn coloured hair just because they are "more established"? I'm assuming your answer would be no. If you're looking to go to a place for unicorn hair, you're going to do a bit of research to find the place that specializes in it. The same goes for bridal hair - if you're looking for a boho style, don't book someone who's portfolio is 100% sleek French twists and Chignons.

5. Do they offer on-site touchups?

Getting a mobile business to do your services instead of a salon definitely has it's perks. It says it right in the name - mobile. It is meant to make things more convenient for you to go to any destination that you need. One thing that most mobile companies offer is the option to add on-site touch ups. When you book in at a salon, they likely aren't going to have this option to offer you, so be sure to ask if they will be providing you with a touchup kit. Maybe you're a person who doesn't care about the stylists or artists being on-site, and a salon is going to the be the perfect fit for you either way. But if this is something you're considering, be sure to weigh your options before booking in at a salon.

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Floral: Two Buds Floral

Let's face it, booking hair and makeup seems like no big deal when you first get engaged but it can actually be a daunting and time consuming task to make sure you've chosen the right company. So as I said before, don't leave it to the last minute because you may end up disappointed. Just remember to take the time to research your options and choose the best fit for YOU.

Happy Planning!

Adriana Senecal

Bliss & Glow Artistry Owner

Photo: Wild Heart Gypsy Soul Photo

Venue: The White Gallery


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